COVID-19: Self cleaning and worry free

Self Cleaning and Worry Free

Self Cleaning and Worry-Free. Positivism and Encouragement


Lately, I’ve had many of our clients ask me about the COVID-19 pandemic. I do not usually jump into any debates or discussions on viruses since I have my own traditional understanding of how the body works. I am also a person of faith and have witnessed and experienced many miracles when it comes to our existence. There are things in this article I will not get into. Like the many theories of the cause or origin of the “virus”. I will also not get into whether it is real or if it is not. When you start asking questions that you cannot possibly answer since you did not cause the virus you will get into an endless circle of thoughts with no value.



What we do know is that we are all under Government Lock-down. I know for certain that right now, I am well, and many of the people I know are well. What I do know is that apparently a relative of my husband died from the virus after having suffered from cancer for a long while, they listed him as having died of the Corona-virus. I know that if you are reading this article you are probably safe but worried about the virus while in lockdown. It is why you found this article.

I don’t like being told what to believe. So let’s work with what we ourselves personally know for sure.

So far most of the people who have died of the virus were already health vulnerable. I am saddened by how many of us lost loved ones during these troubling times. I pray for each of you to be comforted in your time of grief.


Your body resonates strongly with negative or positive vibrations. It says in the Scriptures that we are more likely to get ill/cursed from the evil intentions, thoughts, and words of men rather than what we put into our bodies. Our bodies are self-cleaning as long as we take care of our bodies.

Therefore: Stay positive, stay focused, stay strong. Exercise and eat well. Try to find alternative sources of income to lessen financial stress.

Go for a walk by yourself.

Garden or go for walks. Since we are not allowed to interact meditate while you walk and listen to your body.

Make sure you turn your mobile phone off at night when you sleep. Your body regenerates while you sleep and the less interference there is with this process the better. Give your body the break it deserves from a full day of Mobile use. There is nothing worse than someone messaging you when you are dosing off. Interrupted sleep is an effective form of torture. I think it is also the leading cause of insomnia in our modern age. We are constantly waiting for the next msg or the next happening – we are so wired (literally plugged in) we can’t sleep. I have gone as far as switching off my mobile phone when I am not actively using it.

It’s of no use to speculate whether or not mobile phones cause our cells to degenerate. Personally, I believe that it is not a health-promoting object to carry around and use, but we need it in this modern age. I will tell you what to do to mitigate a scenario where cell degeneration has occurred for whatever reason. 


Make your body worry-free

To boost your blood’s capacity to carry waste out and nutrients in, buy a good quality Iron Supplement and make sure it has Vitamin C in it. Vita C helps break down the Iron supplements so that your body can absorb the iron effectively.  It will fortify your blood so well that its capacity to carry oxygen through our system will increase.

That feeling of needing air when you are breathing but can’t get enough oxygen is a symptom of anaemia (or radiation poisoning). You have the idea that you are having lung problems but in reality, you are having a weak blood problem. The Chinese call it lazy blood.

Together with taking Iron and Vita C take a Kelp Supplement as well. Kelp has natural iodine and is effective in mitigating low-level radiation poisoning. [Help your body heal itself.]

Remember, your body is self-cleaning therefore be worry-free.


Heal damaged cells

When your cells are damaged it will heal itself if you give it the conditions to do so. Your damaged cells will excrete waste as it heals. This waste is carried out of the cells via the blood and it turns into mucous. Stuck mucous becomes putrid and turns into inflammation (such as cancer and other malignant diseases etc).

I have many effective blood cleansing herbs but I will write a longer article on blood cleansing next time. For right now let’s focus on the current state of affairs namely the Covid-19 Virus.

Stop upper respiratory infections before it starts. If you have a niggling irritation in your throat drink my SACO mixture. It will remove mucous from your entire body. I will post another article to tell you which herbs are best to use to prevent illnesses.

Your body is self-cleaning.

wpe9e6c2db 05 06Shower or take a bath every day. Once when you wake up in the morning (preferably cold) and once before you go to bed (warm). During this Covid-19 time to also take a shower when you return from being outside, and wash the clothing you wore immediately. At the very least wash your hands often.

A healthy immune system can fight any disease. Unfortunately living a modern lifestyle constantly chips away at our body’s defences. Build your immune system back up by eating healthy nutritious food. Get enough sleep. Drink clean water and above all stay positive. A healthy mind runs a healthy body and soul. For more on how to live a healthy lifestyle, click here. Live a lifestyle that promotes self-cleaning inside your body.

Don’t bend your mind to confusing thoughts, it will weaken your immune system even more. Focus on reality and what you can do right now at this moment to make this moment the best moment of your life.

I wish all of you peace and safety.