Nettles: How It Works On Arthritic Joints

Dawnherbal Nettle Seeds and Leaves
foraging for nettles
Wildcrafted Nettles

As you can see in the picture the Nettles are freshly wildcrafted, cleaned and is used immediately.

Let me tell you a little story about my recent experience while picking the succulent and fresh Nettles you see in that beautiful pic. All the stories I relay to you on this blog are based on life experience and not taken from the Internet or mainstream sources.

In recent years I developed an arthritic curve in my finger. While picking the Nettles my fingers got stung and I had a stinging but not painful sensation and it was severely irritated for about 2/3 days. That encounter straightened the finger and the pain in the joint diminished. When the nettle started working, I thought my finger was getting more disfigured because the nettle was working on the part where the problem was and it was quite irritated. After a day or two, however, it was evident that the nettle straightened the finger where it was exposed to the raw nettle. It was irritated for about week in all but that nettle went to work and goodness did it work! I saw a miracle happening right before my own eyes and too this day it amazes me that herbs still has the capacity to blow me away.

The nettle is still working its magic.

I didn’t set out to cure the arthritis in that finger. I was working with the nettle that day and got stung and my hand was burning and irritated but specifically that finger with arthritis and although the other fingers got stung too they were not as affected by the nettle. Because of experiences like these with herbs. I get most my vitamins, minerals acids and energy from the herbs I take and the food I choose to eat.

Nettles: Nature’s Gift to Man’s Fragile Nerves

I use the whole plant:  seeds, leaves, stems etc in my Nettle tinctures. My products are high potency I do not use ratio water to alcohol but pure alcohol, therefore, you get value for your money and reap the benefit with radiant health abundantly the choice is yours to drink it in the high potency state as I do or one bottle will produce three bottles of tincture add two X 50ml distilled water to the 50ml tincture.

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It stimulates nerve function; my Nettle seed tinctures and oils are made from just pure nettle seeds and oil. I sell pure freshly wild-crafted nettle seeds, these seeds give me oodles of energy and yes it does work. It gives me mental clarity enhances memory.


This wonderful herb is quite remarkable and Mother Nature truly delivers in abundance.